Cats Around Istanbul’s Hagia Sophia

My most memorable experiences in Istanbul have to do with cats. Of course the city is famous for them and how much the people living there absolutely love and care for them, there is nothing like seeing them for yourself. The area around Hagia Sophia is a walkable, touristy place and the cats take center stage as friendly greeters of guests both inside the Hagia Sophia and everywhere around it.

They’re beautiful and fluffy and very sweet. This one below was super talkative to me and followed me when I spoke to her in Turkish. I am sure they understand what we say.

I couldn’t help but snap up every single cat I saw. They’re each so different in personality and of course, they’re unique design. They may not look or seem approachable at first, but they really were.

Look at the face on this one- something was on his mind, probably food. Everyone feeds them.

This kitty was so sweet and so comfortable sitting on top of the chair at a nearby restaurant, I couldn’t help but snap her up.

I wish I could take them all home. But my own kitty back home wouldn’t be too happy with that…

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