Kale, Swiss Chard and many other greens are so easy to make and incorporate into your everyday diet, even if they’re just cooked and served on their own with very little added to them. I just feel like as a society we don’t eat enough of these gems and we really should. You may like them more if you cook them in a way that’s more desirable to your taste buds, too. 

More times than not, when I’m in a rush I just roughly chop (or sometimes no chopping is done at all), throw them in a pan with a little olive oil, and simmer on low, covered, for a few minutes or until the stems are softened. I add a little sea salt and serve. It’s so quick to make like this and believe it or not, I often make this for breakfast alongside eggs, cheese olives, fresh tomatoes and crusty local bread. 

Dark leafy greens are super important to include in our diets, as well. They’re high in fiber as well as vitamins A, C, K and folate. Great stuff. And if you have any leftovers from the first time you make them, add whatever is left into a scrambled egg mixture or top on toast withe some crumbly cheese like feta. 

That olive oil on top makes the greens glisten with goodness, as the olive oil is full of antioxidants we need, as well. Just make sure to get the best quality extra virgin olive oil you can find and don’t heat it too much, if at all. In fact, greens like spinach have so much water content that you don’t need to add oil when cooking; it can be added afterwards when serving.  

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