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There are many greats involved in this talk: Kim Severson, National Food Correspondent at the New York Times; Andrew Zimmern of Bizarre Foods (and a little mention of his upcoming travel show); and Pati Jinich of Pati’s Mexican Table. 

It gets very emotional around the 1:00:00 hour mark, talking about why travelers travel and why people leave us, with Anthony Bourdain in mind on that topic. It’s bittersweet. It bets the question surrounding the fact that deep down we’re all looking for a purpose in our lives- is that the reason so many of us love to travel? What are we seeking? Can you answer those questions for yourself? I’m going to dig deeper into my own soul to answer this myself- because before now, I thought I knew the answer…

“Life isn’t about questions and answers; it’s about doing.”– Andrew Zimmern

Special thanks to my cousin, Lyda for sharing this video with me. She knows how much I love food, cooking and travel, as well as a deeper discussion about cultures and the way people live and eat around the world. And we had the most unforgettable trip to Mexico a few years ago, which I believe bonded us for life. 

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