Recently I had the sheer pleasure of having a wonderful, heartfelt discussion with Naazish Yarkhan whom I first met years ago when she was volunteering for ICNA and taking donations for refugees at the time. She is now the Integrated Marketing Communications Director of ICNA Relief USA here in Chicago and someone I wanted to talk to about all the significant things they are doing to help alleviate hunger for people of all faiths and socio-economic classes.


During our Facebook Live event, we discussed the ever important topic of how to solve the issue of food waste in our communities and why it’s even more important than ever to start embracing imperfect produce, farmers market fare and talking to our kids and their schools about eating healthy, teaching about where food comes from, composting and using leftovers to create #leftoversreinvented as a habit (please use that hashtag as much as possible to keep the conversation going!).

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