I’m really getting used to this Facebook Live thing! I love how many of you have been adding comments and feedback to join in the discussion on “What’s Really in Our Food?”. It’s a five-part series where I’ll be discussing the nuances of food labels, insight into the processing of food and food industry ingredients and how food is marketed to us and our children.

You won’t want to miss these! Mark your calendars for the next three Wednesdays at 11:00 AM CST (except 10/5/16).

You can see a recap of Episodes 1 & 2 in the videos below.

What's Really in our food?

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1st FB LIVE Chat (9/14/16)- An Introduction

2nd FB LIVE Chat on 9/21/16- About Fat & Sugar

3rd FB LIVE Chat on 9/28/16- Focus on American Food

4th FB LIVE Chat on 10/12/16- Focus on Italian & French Food 

5th FB LIVE Chat on 10/19/16- Focus on Latin & Asian Food

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