In the wonderful summer season, don’t you crave grilled everything? Grilled meats, grilled vegetables, grilled fruit? There are so many interesting things to choose from at this time of year, and of course before cooking any of it, each one has to be washed properly- especially those that carry a lot of dirt.

how to properly wash mushrooms

Mushrooms are that kind of food. When you get them, there’s usually lots of dirt hiding all over the surface, but the advice is typically to remove the dirt gently with a towel or cloth. That doesn’t work for me, since I am a bit more cautious of eating them that way. I know, many people say the mushrooms can get water logged by rinsing them, but I’ve discovered a way that is simple and effective– and it works every time for me.

That’s why I’m sharing it with you now.

But, only do this just before you’re ready to use the mushrooms in your recipe, otherwise if you don’t dry them completely well they run the risk of becoming pretty limp quickly.

Simply place the mushrooms in cool water in a large bowl. Use your hands to swish around the mushrooms and wiggle off a lot of the dirt.

Pour out the water and add more cool water. Repeat.

Next, pull the mushrooms out of the water and place them on a clean cotton towel. Don’t put the mushrooms in a colander, as the water going on top is where all the remaining dirt is and will then just cling to the mushrooms. Instead, now you can use the cotton towel to wipe off any remaining dirt and dry the mushrooms very well so that they cook properly and aren’t water logged and soggy when you cook them.

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